So, after over a week of cost paranoid emotions and distress, i am self-diagnosing myself with Paranoia. I have every symptom, and reading the information is describing my daily life. So now along with depression i have, well  i think i have Paranoia. Its killing me, all these mental problems are destroying me from the inside out.

I’m trying to push though, i really am.

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Cyber Bullying

Why do people bully other people? Someone please explain to me, why others feel the need to tell someone how worthless and useless they are when they don’t even know them? Yes, people make mistakes, but don’t tell me you haven’t. No one deserves to be told to kill themselves, and even the people sending that hate, don’t even deserve to be told that, as awful as they are. 

How do you have the heart to make people feel like their life isn’t worth living? Imagine if someone emailed your mum telling her to die. How would she feel? Well thats exactly how everyone feels when you send them hate.

Next time you feel like being a dick, just don’t ok. Its the biggest waste of time, and its so immature and pathetic. 


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Muck Up Day

Muck Up Day

Last day mofos! Flour bombed student’s cars and dressed up like innocent little flower girls ^_^

Not long now until this long (shitty) journey is over !

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My best friend

My best friend

This is Elise. I have known Elise for 9 years, but we have only just become close friends in the last 12 months. I think if i hadn’t of met Elise, my life would be worse than it already is. She is the only person that understands me, and one of the three people i can see in my future. I love her so much, and just want people to know that.

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Hi everyone.

Just want to let you know that i’m obsessed with Eddie Vedder and i need him in my life because he is perfect and omfg i’m dying. 

Forever wanting what i can’t have.

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Finally getting fit

Last night, my parents, sister and boyfriend all drilled into me about how unfit and unhealthy i am. It was really confronting, to know that i’ll probably end up with diabetes or something with the rate i’m going. Today is day 1. Eating healthy and exercising, in a months time, i’ll see if the exercise has payed off 🙂 

Say goodbye to gross & unfit, and hello to fit sexy body.

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Feeling confident

3 down, 11 to go now

I walked out of my music practical exam feeling happy, and confident. I am very proud of myself for coming so far with my guitar playing. I can only thank my guitar teacher, Nathan for that ❤ and my parents for pushing me so hard to get this final result. 

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